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Phoenix, NY 13135
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11 Elm Street
Phoenix, New York 13135
Main Office: 315.695.1561
Student Services: 315.695.1500
Nurse: 315.695.1563

Jennifer Meyers
School Psychologist

Sarah Roberts
School Social Worker


Welcome to the MAM Student Services Department

The Student Services Department at Michael A. Maroun Elementary School is made up of one School Psychologist (Jennifer Meyers) and a School Social Worker (Sarah Roberts). The staff members combine their training and skills to work with parents, teachers and other mental health professionals to ensure that every child learns in a safe, healthy and supportive environment. 

The Student Services Department understands child development, school systems, and effective teaching and is prepared to help alleviate difficulties that may otherwise impede successful learning. To reach the department during school hours, please call (315) 695-1500.

K-12 Guidance Plan

The K-12 Guidance Plan is a resource for members of the Phoenix Central School District K-12 Student Support Services Team and the Phoenix Central School District educational community. The plan supports the overall mission of the school district by promoting student achievement, college and career planning, and personal social development for every student.
> K-12 Guidance Plan [pdf]

MISSION STATEMENT: Student Services is committed to the promotion of student success throughout their educational career by developing skills in the areas of academics, career exploration and personal/social experiences.  Given a well rounded curriculum focusing on these three areas, as well as a safe learning environment, a student can develop the knowledge and skills needed to becme a productive and competent citizen.