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Rotary Club Donates Dictionaries to Phoenix Third-Graders

A decade-long partnership between the Fulton Sunrise Rotary Club and the Phoenix Central School District continued this year with the annual dictionary giveaway.

Rotarians visited with third-graders to discuss the service organization and teach students how to get the most out of the dictionaries they received.

Ellen Nowyj, Fulton Sunrise Rotary Club president, thumbed through the reference material as she identified resources such as maps, the periodic table and punctuation guides. She noted it was rewarding to be able to provide dictionaries to all 141 third-grade students.

“This is likely their first reference book that they own,” Nowyj said. “They can take it home and learn so many things.”

Dictionaries for Every Michael A Maroun Third-Grader

The Fulton Sunrise Rotary Club donated 137 dictionaries to each third grade student at Michael A Maroun Elementary.

Every year, each third grade classroom selects two representatives to meet with rotary club representatives to accept the dictionaries. The rotary club speaks to these students about how to use the resource guide and also tells them a little about what their service organization does.

“Rotary is all over the world,” said rotary club speaker Ellen Nowyj. “It was founded in 1905 in the city of Chicago by a man named Paul Harris who wanted to bring the community together; the first thing they did was raise money for a public toilet.”

Students flipped through the pages of the dictionaries as the rotary club members pointed out interesting topics such as the American Flag. These students will later teach their peers how to navigate the resource.

Principal Mary Stanton thanked the rotary club members for their continuing generosity and encouraged the students to follow their example in service to the community.

“From a principal to a student, I want to let you know that doing good things for the community is always wonderful, never stop helping others!” said Stanton.


The Fulton Sunrise Rotary Club donates 137 dictionaries to third grade students at Michael A Maroun Elementary.