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News and Articles for Phoenix Central School District.

MAM students compete in building book battle

Ten teams studied 10 books at Michael A. Maroun Elementary in hopes of being named the school’s Battle of the Books champion.

Ultimately, “The Lighting Lazers” members, coached by Rebecca Coffin, were victorious after they answered 14 of the 16 questions correctly and earned 112 points. Each team was awarded eight points when they provided the correct title and author. Five points were awarded for having the title only.

The winning fourth-graders: Michael Farnham, John Sculco and Michael Goudy, cheered in excitement with each correct response. All questions centered on intricate details of the required book list, including the book that had tops of pine trees that had been snapped, a character that was given a secret formula, a character that used the force and a rat came first.

For Farnham, the choice to join MAM’s 2018 Battle of the Books was easy.

“I just love books,” he said.

While “The Lightning Lazers” have advanced to the March 15 Oswego County Battle of the Books at John C. Birdlebough High School, “The 3 Tigers” team members stole the show with their amazing show of sportsmanship as they visited each team at the conclusion of the battle to shake hands and offer congratulatory wishes.

Each of the 30 participants received medals, purchased by the school’s parent-faculty organization. “The Lightning Lazers” also received a Battle of the Books pins, first-place trophies and PFO-paid T-shirts to wear to the county battle.

MAM Library Media Specialist Steven Terchowitz, who emceed the MAM building battle, offered gratitude on behalf of team members for all of the Battle of the Books coaches who helped keep each team on track.

MAM Battle of the Books 2018 champions, from left, are: Michael Goudy, John Sculco and Michael Farnham, are joined by coach Rebecca Coffin.

MAM Battle of the Books 2018 champions, from left, are: Michael Goudy,
John Sculco and Michael Farnham, are joined by coach Rebecca Coffin,
following their first-place finish.

Inflatable planetarium comes to MAM Elementary

Michael A. Maroun Elementary School students recently learned all about astronomy in their classrooms and outer space.

After they stepped inside of the inflatable planetarium set up inside the school, both students and their teachers alike joined the Earth’s journey as it orbited around the sun and listened to an Onondaga-Cortland-Madison Board of Cooperative Educational Services planetarium specialist explain day/night and constellations.

The 40-minute sessions inside the inflatable planetarium helped students better understand the Earth’s rotation and axis, as a short video clip showed the comparison of a pencil in the center of an apple to the imaginary line for which the Earth spins. The students learned that as Earth rotates, daytime arrives for the part of the Earth which faces the sun and nighttime is when the Earth faces away from the sun.

The planetarium specialist used a projector to point out various constellations, which some teachers said they referred to in their classroom as a game of connect-the-dots.

The fun experience served as a supplement to the classroom astronomy lessons. A part of the Listening and Learning units, students developed strong vocabulary skills and basic knowledge about planets, rotations and other astronomy facts.

MAM students learn about the Earth’s rotation and axis while inside an inflatable
planetarium from OCM BOCES.

MAM Fourth Graders Host Spring Concert

Michael A. Maroun Elementary fourth-grade students recently performed their last elementary concert at the school.

The sharply-dressed students brought their confidence and smiles to the “What a Wonderful World”-themed spring concert, which was held in the intermediate cafeteria and gymnasium. The event featured 25 speakers who read short poems in between the following songs: the Phoenix Alma Mater, “Spring Thing,” “Cherry Blossoms,” “Whale Song,” “Agents of Change” and “Our Earth, Our Home.” “What a Wonderful World” lyrics were printed in the concert program, providing an opportunity for the 150-200 guests to sing along.

Principal Brett Doody commended the students for their hard work and commitment to the arts. Directors Carol Van Gorder and Jody Lentz also recognized the students for supplying artwork, which was featured on walls throughout the concert space.

Fourth-graders at Michael A. Maroun Elementary School perform the song “Spring Thing” during the
annual Fourth-Grade Spring Concert, which was directed by Carol Van Gorder, bottom left, and Jody
Lentz, bottom right.


Phoenix Students Show Perseverance

Michael A. Maroun Elementary School students were recently honored for exhibiting perseverance throughout the month of March.

Honorees were commended for never giving up, always trying their best and working hard to improve academic and behavior goals. Classmates clapped and cheered as Guidance Counselor Nora Germain presented perseverance awards to the following kindergartners: Hunter Rodriguez, Demi Schebell, Kylie Legare, Chayse Maty, Isaiah Jackson, Garritt Pitre, Jimmy Halstead, Theodore Lough, Isabella Kasten, Dogntae Lockwood, Cadence Wiesbrod, Kyle Widger, Skyler Steinberg, Lucas Walters, Myles Gordon, Jacob Grant and Kylee Bradley.

Also honored were the following first graders: Gabriel Gonzalez, Madison Hart, Mia Difulio, Steven Hartkopf, Tyler Ingoldby, Ryan Kleingardner, Peyton Hopps, Mallory Backus, Tommy Ryan, Peyton Bobbette, Jayden Cook, Landon Rowe, Dante Taylor, Payton Young, Wyatt Scruton, Kya Cole, Mariah Ashley, Garrett Ende, Elijah Jackson and Kaiden Siler.

Recipients in second grade include: Zach Lovins, Zoey Moore, Aaron Ryan, Quentin Thomas, Zoey Schermett, Summer Sardo, Daniel Swank, Bryan Walseman, Aadyn Byrne, Brandon Coleman, Jazmyn Lough, Isaiah Anderson, Hunter Young, Andrew Ross, Dominik Kuhlman, Riley Ann Farrar, Ethan Ross and Jayden Dunn.

Third-grade award winners are: Jacob Lindsley, Jonathan Banks, Ezekial Shadrau, Emma Huntley, Emma Fox, Finn Coons, Eric McLoughlin, Mikayla McQuown and Olivia Edwards.

Fourth graders honored are: Dante Teste, Austin Moore, Alana Clough, Jordyn Meyers, Savannah Brown, Jeremy Haskins, Logan Corteux, Erika Dygert, Caleb Jolly and Nathan Worden.

For their efforts, all students received an ice cream coupon and certificate of recognition.

Michael A. Maroun Elementary School kindergartners show off their certificates of recognition after they
were honored for exhibiting perseverance throughout the month of March.

JCB Students Go "Back to the Future" at MAM

Several John C. Birdlebough High School students took a step back in time so they could explore a career that involves working with children by visiting their elementary classrooms.

The high schoolers assisted Michael A. Maroun Elementary teachers with lessons, interacted with students and gained unforgettable hands-on experience as part of the annual “Back to the Future” (BTTF) event. Elementary and High School Guidance Counselor Nora Germain said BTTF often serves as the high schoolers’ first tangible exposure of working with children in a formal setting.

The older students remained actively engaged in the elementary learning environment throughout the day. Alexa Hoag, 10th grader, began her day in Desiree Moore’s third-grade classroom by getting to know students as they finished their breakfast and practiced math skills. Hoag said she enjoys spending time with children and is considering a career in nursing. Down the hallway, repeat BTTF Participant and JCB Senior Tyler Gabriele assisted Second-Grade Teacher Joelle Hendry by using a SMART Board to record student answers to be used for a synopsis for parents of what the class accomplished throughout the week. Gabriele said he too enjoys working with children and he has a passion for computer science.

Both JCB Senior Chris Nicolella and JCB Sophomore Catherine Musumeci said they may consider careers in the field of education. They spent time in Lucille Mercer’s kindergarten class helping students with a number bingo game and rhyming activities.

The BTTF program also gave an opportunity for elementary students to learn about high school.

Other JCB students participating in the “Back to the Future” event included: Bryon Halstead, Josh Margrey, Emma Brown, Lawrence Karl, Jessica Jones, Evan Logee, Lauren Schmidt, Sarah Hoag, Corinne Januska, Brad Dietz, Ashley Margrey, Zoey Heckert and Wendy Li.

Michael A. Maroun Elementary Kindergarteners Emily Petrella, left, and Lana Thompson, right, enjoy
spending time with John C. Birdlebough Sophomore Catherine Musumeci during a number bingo game.
The annual Back to the Future event provided high schoolers first-hand experience working with children.