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MAM students compete in building book battle

Ten teams studied 10 books at Michael A. Maroun Elementary in hopes of being named the school’s Battle of the Books champion.

Ultimately, “The Lighting Lazers” members, coached by Rebecca Coffin, were victorious after they answered 14 of the 16 questions correctly and earned 112 points. Each team was awarded eight points when they provided the correct title and author. Five points were awarded for having the title only.

The winning fourth-graders: Michael Farnham, John Sculco and Michael Goudy, cheered in excitement with each correct response. All questions centered on intricate details of the required book list, including the book that had tops of pine trees that had been snapped, a character that was given a secret formula, a character that used the force and a rat came first.

For Farnham, the choice to join MAM’s 2018 Battle of the Books was easy.

“I just love books,” he said.

While “The Lightning Lazers” have advanced to the March 15 Oswego County Battle of the Books at John C. Birdlebough High School, “The 3 Tigers” team members stole the show with their amazing show of sportsmanship as they visited each team at the conclusion of the battle to shake hands and offer congratulatory wishes.

Each of the 30 participants received medals, purchased by the school’s parent-faculty organization. “The Lightning Lazers” also received a Battle of the Books pins, first-place trophies and PFO-paid T-shirts to wear to the county battle.

MAM Library Media Specialist Steven Terchowitz, who emceed the MAM building battle, offered gratitude on behalf of team members for all of the Battle of the Books coaches who helped keep each team on track.

MAM Battle of the Books 2018 champions, from left, are: Michael Goudy, John Sculco and Michael Farnham, are joined by coach Rebecca Coffin.

MAM Battle of the Books 2018 champions, from left, are: Michael Goudy,
John Sculco and Michael Farnham, are joined by coach Rebecca Coffin,
following their first-place finish.

MAM Students Compete in Battle of the Books

Fifty-seven students in grades three and four at Michael A. Maroun Elementary School participated in the schoolwide Battle of the Books event, held March 14 in the intermediate cafeteria.

While the competition was tight with five teams tied for first place after half-time scores were announced, team “Furby’s, Ponies and Dragons. OH My!” earned 104 points and the right to advance to the countywide competition on March 22 at Paul V. Moore High School in Central Square.

MAM teams read and studied 10 books featured in the 2016 nationwide Battle of the Books competition. During the building battle, a total of 16 questions were asked, beginning with the words “In Which book.” Teams had 30 seconds to come up with an answer before they voiced their answers and wrote down a key word from the title and the author’s last name on a score sheet. Students earned eight points for a correct title and author, or five points for a title only. No points were awarded for correct author only.

Library Media Specialist Steven Terchowitz served as battle emcee and congratulated all teams for dedicating their free time to reading. All students received a participation medal.

Michael A. Maroun Elementary School students, from left are: Anastasia Moore, Finnegan Coons and Piper
Hall happily display their first-place trophies and participation medals after they scored the most points
of 104 to win the building’s annual Battle of the Books event.