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School Budget Information

Thank you for visiting the school budget portion of the Phoenix Central School District's website. The Board of Education and staff encourage members of the community to attend budget work sessions in an effort to better understand the components of our school budget and ask questions as they arise. Please check back often for updated information and budget-related materials.

2018-2019 School Budget
2018-2019 Initial Budget Presentation
2018-2019 Updates Budget Presentation
2018-2019 Budget Presentation April 9, 2018
‚Äč2018-2019 Budget Hearing Presentation
2018-2019 Budget Brochure

Previous School Year's Budget Information

2017-2018 School Budget
2017-2018 Initial Budget Presentation
2017-2018 March 13 Budget Presentation
2017-2018 March 27 Budget Presentation
2017-2018 April 10 Budget Presentation

2017-2018 Budget Newsletter
2017-2018 Budget Hearing (Presentation)

New York State Report Cards> Phoenix Central School District Testing and Fiscal Information

2016-2017 Initial Budget Presentation
2016-2017 Feb. 22 Budget Presentation
2016-2017 March 14 Budget Presentation
2016-2017 April 11 Budget Presentation
2016-2017 Budget Hearing
2016-2017 Budget Newsletter
2016-2017 Budget Notice

2015-2016 Budget Newsletter 
2015-2016 Initial Budget Presentation

2015-2016 March 9 Budget Presentation
2015-2016 April 13 Budget Presentation
2015-2016 Budget Notice
2015-2016 Budget Hearing

2014-2015 Budget Newsletter 
2014-2015 Budget Notice 
2014-2015 Initial Budget Presentation [pdf]
February 10 Budget Update [pdf]
February 24 Budget Update [pdf]
March 10 Budget Update [pdf]
March 24 Budget Update [pdf]
April 7 Budget Update [pdf]
2014-15 Budget Hearing (May 6) [pdf]

> 2013-2014 Phoenix CSD Budget Brochure [pdf]