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A student poses with his teacher during an open house at Michael A. Maroun Elementary.

Curriculum and Instruction

As the K-12 Director of Instruction, I am very proud of the quality of academic programs that we offer here in Phoenix. The Phoenix Central School District is an educational community that is committed to excellence for all of our students.With the increasing demands of high stakes testing, it is more important than ever that our school district, parents and community work together and that we are all actively engaged in our children's' education. An important first step is to be fully informed about the District’s academic programs.

The District continuously strives to enhance student achievement by evaluating and adjusting the kinds, and quality of programs, we offer our students. Over the past few years, we have written and published K-12 curriculum documents for all four core area subjects as well as for special areas of study. These curricula are approved by the Board of Education and are currently being used to guide instruction in the classrooms throughout the District. The documents are available in their entirety and may be accessed by clicking on the link below.

Our goal is to provide you with the information you need. If you have any questions regarding Curriculum, Instruction, or Assessment, please feel free to contact my office. It will be my pleasure to assist you.