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Coaching Certification

To help provide a safe environment and successful experience for boys and girls who participate on interschool athletic teams, Section 135.4 (c) (7) (i) (c) of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education pertaining to physical education include certain minimum requirements for a person to be appointed as a coach of an interschool athletic team. This includes all head coaches and assistants for varsity, junior varsity, freshman and junior high (modified) teams of public schools.

Potential secondary school coaches may possess three different backgrounds:

(1) a certified physical education teacher;

(2) a teacher certified in an area other than physical education, e.g. English, mathematics;

(3) holds no teaching certificate and must qualify for a Temporary Coaching License.

Requirements for certification

>> Guidelines for coaches [pdf]
>> Coaching certification pathways

Volunteer Coaches
Volunteer coaches are subject to the same coaching requirements as a paid coach. Individuals may NOT walk off the street to work with our students unless they are a “clinician.” 

A volunteer must have the following training and background credentials to work with our athletic programs:

-- First Aid
-- CPR
-- Child Abuse Recognition
-- School Violence Prevention
-- Concussion Management 
-- Fingerprinted
-- Enroll in TEACH
-- Apply for Temporary Coaching License
-- Board of Education Approval

All of these requirements may deter individuals from helping but it shouldn’t. We want individuals who are serious and committed and going through this process proves how serious they are. Every volunteer must go through this process before BOE approval. This includes Phoenix School District faculty and staff, as well as coaches from another program.

Deadlines to submit volunteer coaching materials:

Season Varsity Modified 
Fall   July 28, 2017  August 11, 2017
 Winter   October 13, 2017  Volleyball and Boys' Basketball-October 13, 2017
Girls' Baseketball and Wrestling-December 1, 2017
 Spring  January 26, 2018  March 9, 2018

Requirements for certification for non-teacher coaches
>> Coaching certification process for non-teacher coaches

Coaching Certification Resources

>> Frequently asked questions
>> Apply for a coaching license
>> Section III website 
>> Phoenix CSD Coaching Application