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Use of Athletic Facilities 
It shall be the policy of the Board to encourage the use of school buildings for community-wide activities when they are not in use for school purposes or when such community or public use is not disruptive of such school purposes, provided that any such community or public use shall conform to the mandates of Section 414 of the Education Law.  

A)  Application for such use shall be made in writing on forms designated for that purpose;

B)  Every group using school facilities shall designate one person as supervisor of the group that will be responsible for the group; 

C ) On the basis that public tax funds should not be used to support a private group or purpose, no matter how worthy, each group will reimburse the District for its expense, provided that the amounts of any such charges shall be adopted by resolution of the Board, assessing a charge of $X/hour to those private groups wanting to use the district buildings when custodial coverage is necessary; 

D)  On the basis that school-related (e.g. PTA), or student related (e.g. Girl Scouts) organizations whose membership lies wholly within the District are not considered to be strictly private groups, any use charges for such groups shall be minimal and apply only to special needs and services provided; and 

E)  The school buildings will not be open or available to the public on Sundays unless approved through the Board of Education.

When a community or public organization is granted the use of a school facility, a certificate of insurance for personal and/or property liability shall be filed in two circumstances as follows: 

1. If additions or alterations of any kind are to be made to the facility for the purpose of the activity of such organization; 

2. If any personal injury or property damage may result from the activity undertaken by such organization. 

a) the business manager is authorized to determine whether said certificate of insurance shall be required and to approve the amounts of such insurance. 

b) the superintendent is authorized to deny the use of school facilities to any group if he/she reasonably considers the anticipated use to be undesirable because of potential hazard, regardless of insurance.

Any group using any school facility shall be held financially responsible for any damages caused to such facility. 

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The Phoenix Central School District Board of Education has established policies in regard to the use of district facilities. If you have any questions pertaining to using school facilities, please review these policies or contact the district office for additional information.

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