116 Volney St.
Phoenix, NY 13135
FAX: (315) 695-1201 (315) 695-1573 E -mail: info@phoenixcsd.org


Erin's Angels -- Backpack Program

Erin's Angels is a food assistance program sponsored by the Southern Oswego County Council of Churches. The program decreases the burden of hunger in the Phoenix Central School District by providing a weekend food assistance program. Since nutrition affects cognitive, social and emotional development, children who do not get proper foods are more likely to have problems learning, growing and interacting. Erin's Angels ensures that children who rely on subsidized lunches continue to receive food vital to their growth and development.

Foods needed / will be sent home:

-- Cereal bars  / granola bars
-- Fruit snacks
-- Slim Jims
-- Peanut butter crackers
-- Cheese crackers
-- Animal crackers
-- Raisins
-- Juice
-- Pudding/Jell-O
-- Applesauce cups
-- Fruit cups
-- Macaroni & Cheese (just add water)
-- Soups
-- Popcorn
-- Pretzels
-- Chex Mix
-- Fig Newtons

How to Help

>> Food donations can be bought online and mailed directly to Michael A. Maroun Elementary, 11 Elm Street, Phoenix, NY 13135.

>> Monetary donations can be made to PO Box 443 Phoenix, NY 13135.